Let's compare Interatlas with the most famous Atlas for iOS - Google Earth.

Google Earth is impressive and ambitious and it is most definitively worth a download. Interatlas is not a replacement for Google Earth - it's unlikely we can ever build the detailed 3D models of buildings and support the physical layers Google Earth supports.

The focus of Interatlas is simplicity and interactivity, elegance and learning.

When you first start up Google Earth and Interatlas they feel very different. We feel that when you spinn Google Earth it can quickly get a bit messy. Interatlas is more constrained, so you don't get lost.

Google Earth has many tools visible, Interatlas has none.

The main difference though, is when you want to learn more about a place. Google Earth has a large set of information layers on by default. If you want to see names and borders you will see all of them. Interatlas let's you choose what you would like to see simply by tapping on regions to turn borders on and off.

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