Basic Globe

• You can use one finger to turn the globe and two to pinch to zoom in and out.
• Tap on any names for more information.
• Tap and hold to remove all selections.
• Shake to center the globe on your current location.


Info Screens

• When you hold your device vertically you get Wikipedia and local maps. If you have the Pro version you also get News, Lonely Planet and Flicker (as well as YouTube on iPad).
• On iPad, when you turn it horizontally, you also get the Constellation Graph.
• Click on the arrow in the top right hand corner to share your location via
Geo-Link to Twitter or Facebook. Learn more about this powerful Geo-Link feature.


Screen Saver

• Interatlas will enter screensaver mode after a while. To change the settings for this please go to the Settings on your iOS device, then scroll down to Interatlas.



• Zoom out as far as you can by pinching out, then do it once more.